Leaking Roof, Wall or Basement?

Need help tracing water leaks through your roof, wall, floor, basement, etc?   At Thornton Roof Leak Detection we have over 40 years experience in all aspects of roofing technologies and, with over 25 years specialist leak detection and investigation services to date, we like to think we know a thing or two about how and why they leak!

Our Leaktector service, which has been operating for over 25 years, is the longest established of any test house in testing the completed roof to ensure it doesn’t leak.   Over the years, we have extended the service to include investigation of all types of leaks and damp in buildings.

Specialist leak detection and investigation services

Leak Detection

We specialise in locating and analysing leaks in buildings and other waterproof structures, whether they originate in the roof or other elements of the building envelope, as well as leaks or dampness in service floors, basements and water pipes.

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Leak Investigation

The wet test method, otherwise known as earth leak detection, relies on the electrically conductive properties of water and uses the fact that most membranes are insulators.

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